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The Company

The Company

Taissis is a devoted company to the development of innovative medical devices, always ready to meet the demands in terms of quality and maintaining a good balance of efficiency and cost.

We offer complete wound care solutions and make sure that everything we do meets the needs of our clients and exceeds their expectations.


Our values are not abstract concepts, they are experienced by the people of Taissis on a daily basis.
– People of Taissis are: creative,always in search of the most suitable solutions and have an eye for development improvements.
– People of Taissis are always up to date with everything new and strive to become and strive to become.
– People of Taissis get involved,they have the courage to take risks in order to succeed,they take responsibility of their own actions.
People of Taissis are united,they together form a solid team.

Mission / Vision

To become the most suitable supplier of complete wound care solutions at a European level, through continuous innovation in all fields of activity.

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